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Organic Skincare Products And Natural Skincare Products- Know The Difference

People nowadays use skincare products so much more as compared to the past. And if you are one of those skincare geeks then you might even prefer using natural and organic skincare products over the synthetic ones. But do you know the accurate distinction between the natural and the organic products?

If the answer is no, then this article is for you! Here, you will find exactly how organic and natural skincare products differ from each other.

What are natural skincare products?

The term natural itself defines the meaning. Natural skincare products are those products that contain ingredients derived from nature. However, the manufacturers can use several chemicals to grow and obtain the ingredients.

What are organic skincare products?

Organic products are purely toxin-free and can be the best alternatives to any other type of skincare products. Talking about ingredients, only plant-based elements without the use of any pesticide, insecticide, or chemicals at all are used to make the organic skincare products.

Differences between natural and organic skincare differences

Even though both of them are made from natural ingredients but still, there are several differences between them. Some of them are listed below.


Components of natural skincare products are sourced from living organisms but organic products have a comparatively higher standard. This is because the latter one has ingredients derived from organic farms that do not use any type of chemicals. That’s the reason why organic cosmetics are relatively more expensive.

Manufacturing Process

During the manufacturing process, the producers of natural skincare products focus primarily on the quality of their product whereas it is not the case with organic product producers. The organic producers try to maintain the land quality along with that of product and practice safe farming methods.


Both organic and natural cosmetics require unique certifications. The major distinction lies in the percentage of natural and organic ingredients used. However, it is not necessary that the product will be considered natural or organic only if it has 100% natural or organic elements.

Final Words

From the several types of beauty products available, it is advisable to prefer the organic and natural skincare products. But rarely do people know the difference between the both of them. But nevertheless, it’s still important to know the differences so that you can easily get the more valuable one accordingly. From ingredients to certifications, skincare products can be quite difficult to judge. But lastly, choosing a skincare product depends entirely and completely on your comfort only.

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