How to make DIY Relaxing Organic Facemist Toner

Nowadays most people prefer to use Organic Skin Care, but do you know what Organic Skin Care is ?. Organic Skin Care is Skin Care product that use plants derived ingredients together with other Natural ingredients

Without pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. It is safer to use Organic Skin Care Products than the synthetic ones, because they will reduce the possibility of having such an allergy reaction, rash, dermatitis and other skin’s diseases. Organic Skin Care Products usually have higher prices compare to the synthetic ones, because it takes a long time to process the plants derived ingredients into high quality organic products. For example : Green tea leaves are rich of anti oxidant component and has many vitamins and minerals that are useful not just for our body but also for the skin’s health and beauty,  some of its benefits for skin are :

  • As an Anti oxidant,
  • To cure and prevent acne
  • To reduce puffy eyes
  • For skin rejuvenation
  • Reduce wrinkle or has an anti aging effect on skin
  • To moist the dry skin
  • To cure the sunburn

To get this Green tea extract, we must Dry green tea leaves by drying them in the sun indirectly for a couple days, then process them in the freeze-dried machine to get the Green tea extract powder. The second way to get the extract is by let the leaves soaked in glycerin or have them macerated in oil, usually this process takes about 1 – 3 weeks., then you will get their extract and then mix them with the skin care ingredients . The long and complex process makes the organic skin care product’s price higher. This time we will talk about face toner, do you know what Toner is ?

Toner is a liquid which is used as a skin freshener while cleansing the remnants of foreign substances on your face.

Toners usually consist of a water and alcohol base, but I will teach you how to make water-based toner, because toner that contains alcohol can make the skin dry.

But you do not need to be worry it will not be as expensive as other organic toners… because you also can make your own, just need 3 simple ingredients, you can make a cheap and easy, organic skin care product with the benefits above, like Green Tea Relaxing Face mist Toner for example, in this blog I will give you the formula that you can make on your own.This face-mist toner is good for moisturize the face skin daily, especially in hot weather, you will like it a lot, so let’s begin to make it.

What you will need :-

–     1 Green tea sachet

–  10 drops of Lavender essential oil

–   Epsom Salt or Sea salt


How to make it ?-

–        Boil 1 cup of water

–         Let it cooled after boiling with the tea sachet in it

–         Put the tea sachet out, and pour the tea into the 60 ml spray container

–         Add 10 drops of Lavender essential oil

–         Add 1-2 pinch of salt

–         Close the container and shake before you spray it to your face

–         Spray it to all over your face within 30cm distance, do not forget to close your eyes before you spray it.


You will feel fresh on your face, and the smells of lavender will make you relax… hope you will enjoy it and Good luck ! Stay tune to this blog for more DIY Organic skin care product’s formula…



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